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Constitution & Bylaws - Current With Amendments

Est. 1989
The authority which governs the operation of a club is vested in the constitution adopted to fulfill the purposes of the club, to guide the conduct of the meetings, and to regulate the activities.  Until constitutional provisions are canceled or amended, the stated procedures are considered club law.
Article I - Name
The name of this organization shall be The Jackson Area Plectral Society.

Article II - Purpose
The purpose of this club shall be to promote and preserve traditional oldtime music.

Article III- Membership
Membership of this club is open to any individual, regardless of race, creed, or religion, who has a genuine interest in oldtime music and folk culture.  

Article IV - Meetings
Meetings of this club shall be held every Thursday night at The Casey Jones Village, weather permitting, and a business meeting will be held every second Thursday night at a designated location.
AMDD June 13th, 2013: to move meetings to quarterly and be held inside the Railroad Museum. 
AMDD 8/12/16: meetings will be held bi-monthly beginning @ 6:00pm

Article V - Officers
Section 1: The officers of this club shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
Section 2: They shall be elected each December for the upcoming year. 
AMDD MAR. 2014: Officers will serve 2-year terms. 

Article VI - Executive Commitee
The officers and charimen of standing committees shall constitute an Executive Committee, which shall act on club business and approve expenditures.

Article VII- Amendments
An amendment to this constitution must be presented, voted on, and shall require a vote of ¾ of the members present to become effective. Bylaws are numbered and inclued any rules of the club and may be changed by a majority vote.

Article VIII- Officers Duties
The principal duties and responsibilities of the officers of this club are as follows:

President: Presides at all meetings; appoints all committees, unless otherwise provided by the bylaws; keeps order; makes parlimentary decisions; votes as any other member; leaves the chair to debate.

Vice President: Presides and performs duties of president when the president dies or resigns. May be chairman of important committees, or act as an aide to the president upon his request.

Secretary: Records the business of all meetings of the club; keeps minutes; acts as custodian of all the records and papers; keeps accurate list of members; sends notices of special meetings.

TreasurerIs custodian of all funds; receives, disburses and records all funds, fees, and dues; gives itemized report of receipts and expenditures at business meetings; issues membership cards; gives itemized report at annual or other meetings.

Article IX -  Committees

The effectiveness of this club will depend upon the degree to which committees work together to fulfill their assigned responsibilities.  There will be two types of committees: standing committees - which will be ongoing committees; and special committees which will be appointed from time to time to perform certain specific duties for special events, etc.  The Executive Committee is to appoint ongoing committees.

Article X -  Charter Members

Charter members are those who became members of the Jackson Area Plectral Society from its inception through Dec. 31st, 1989.  


The Bylaws are numbered below and include the rules of this club such as time and place of meetings, dues, etc.  The purpose of these bylaws is to insure participation from all members and to provide continuity for the club. Bylaws may be changed by a majority vote of the club.

1.  Members pledge their dedication to oldtime music by way of active participation in weekly Pick-In's, monthly meetings, festivals, or any other event promoted by this club for the benefit of oldtime music and folk culture.

2.  Members must strive to encourage participation of everyone, be they novice or pro.

3.  Members will pay an annual membership fee of $20 per family, which will entitle them to admission at meetings, voting rights on all issues, and a year?s subscription to the Jackson Area Plectral Society Newsletter. Family includes dependent children. The $20 membership fee applies regardless of age of the member.  The entire membership fee is due in January for that year.  

Honorary membership may be bestowed at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

AMDD: NOV. 2008: The membership voted to increase the annual dues from $20 to $25 in November 2008.

AMDD: NOV. 2011: Membership voted to revert back to $20 effective November, 2011.

*AMDD 8/11/16 Delete section concerning Newsletter. Newsletter has been discontinued.

4.  Meeting time and place will be 6:30pm each Thursday night at the Casey Jones Village Old Country Store, weather permitting, and a business meeting shall be held on the second Thursday of each month at a designated location.

AMDD, JUNE 2013: An amendment was passed June 13th, 2013  to move meetings to quarterly and be held inside the Railroad Museum. 

*AMDD 8/11/16: Meetings will begin at 6:00pm and to be held bi-monthly. 

5.  Members will maintain authentic oldtime music with ensembles composed of one or more of the following instruments:








Upright Bass



Any other acoustic instrument maybe added which maintains the sanctity of traditional folk acoustic music.


6.  Issues concerning club expenditures will be presented at the monthly meetings and voted on with the majority ruling. The Executive Committee will have the authority on expenditures of funds between meetings if need arises.

*AMMD 8/11/16: change wording monthly to bimonthly meetings.

7.  Members will always strive to maintain a fraternal order of fellowship by encouraging participation from one and all, seeking to maintain the interest of all concerned.

8.  Members will encourage the Round Circle format at weekly and monthly meetings to insure equal participation from all members.

*AMMD 8/11/16 change wording monthly to bimonthly meetings

9.  Visitors are welcome at the weekly meetings at the Old Country Store.  However, after a visitor has attended twice, he/she will be invited and encouraged to become a member, as the weekly sessions are the official function of the Jackson Area Plectral Society.

10.  Members are responsible for helping to ensure that our Club Purpose (See Constitution - Article II) is maintained at the weekly meetings by informing visitors in their group about the traditional nature of our music and discouraging the playing or singing of other types of music.

11.  AMDD: SEPT. 2006: An amendment to the bylaws was passed in September 2006. It states the following:

Anyone who serves on the nominating committee to select new officers, or anyone who is elected to office, should have attended at least six of the last twelve business meetings.

*AMDD 8/11/16: Anyone serving on committee or elected to office can serve regardless of attendance upon the approval of the Executive Committee. 

12.  Membership dues will be pro-rated for members joining after the first of the year.

Jackson Area Plectral Society

PO Box 11853, Jackson, Tn. 38308

is a Federal Tax Exempt Organization under Internal Revenue Code 501C 

Employer ID#78-0178292

AMDD to the Bylaws - Feburary 2012:

13. Honary Members:
Honary Members will be defined from this point on as any member, or nonmember who has made a significant contribution to the Jackson Area Plectral Society that has been deemed worthy of honary mention and status.  Honary members, as the name implies, are those who have been honored for their outstanding contribution to the club.  They do not have any authority or priviledge to vote on any issues concerning club functions. Their is no age restriction for an honorary member.
    14. Lifetime Members:
 Lifetime members are those members of the club who like Honorary Members have made a significant contribution to the  club, but do maintain the right to vote on issues concerning club function.  A Lifetime Member must be a current member of the club and be at least 70 years of age. 

    15. Club Badges:
Club badges will be issued to members beginning in March 2012 upon payment of annual membership dues.  Members are encouraged to proudly wear their membership badges to all Plectral Society functions.  The membership badge will serve as a means of identifying and welcoming all members of the club to the fraternal order of the Plectral Society, as well as serving as a ticket for a drink, or coffee in the Ice Cream Parlor each Thursday night.

State Charter:

Tax Exempt Certificate

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