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Jeff Long
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Now this is what I'd like to see our Forum become.  If you're around me any time at all in any of our pickin' circles, you've probably heard me mention the Fiddle Hangout.  Wonderful website, full of videos and mp3's of fiddle music from all over the world, but one thing I really like about the Hangout is their very active Forum Page.  Something I'd really like to see improvement in on our website.  I designed our website to be interactive - for everyone to be able to participate and that participation can take many forms.  Some post photos, some videos, some send newsletter stories, etc. , but one area we're really weak in is our Forum area.  That should be the meat of the website. 

The Forum page, as the name implies, is a place where all members can rant and rave about anything on their mind and others can join in.  It's an open discussion - much like an open jam session where members can talk about anything on their mind.

One of its greatest advantages is to offer help and advice to other members, as in a recent problem I had with my fiddle bow.  My bow was becoming very gummy and stiff and hard to play.  I posted the problem on the Fiddle Hangout site and within seconds I was getting advice from fiddlers all over the country. 

Check out the link below to see what I'm talking about:




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gayle/jerry heavner
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Your Right The Form Page Is A Great Tool For All The Member's & Musicians to use to ask question about Just about anything.I'm Sure Know Matter What The Question Is, That Someone In The Plectral Club Site Will Know The Answer Or Someone Who Does.I Know We Have Been In It Just A few  Years,But We Have Seen It Grow Alot Ever Year.And Still Meet Some Of The Best Folk's Around At Each Thurs. Night.This Club To My Knowledge Has The Greatest Folk's & Musician's Of Any Club Around.And It's Getting Better All The Time.I Believe Team Work Is The Answer To Even A Greater Club In The Years To Come.

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