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I have heard mentioned that there are other things going on at the village. Like Maby there is a "Blues Night" or "Modern Country". If there is anything scheduled would it be allright to mention it on this forum? Thanks!

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Jeff Long
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Sure, David - that's what the Forum's all about.  Mention anything and everything you like.  I've been trying for a year now to try and get members to use the Forum.  It should be the Facebook of our Society.  I appreciate and welcome all your comments. 

Back to your question though - we don't really have a Country Night that I know of, though I think that would be a great idea if someone would like to start one.  You'd probably have a lot of patrons because from what I've been hearing on Thursday night is more country than oldtime. I would love to see a seperate Country Night and maybe focus more on Oldtime Music Thursday night as was the original purpose of the club. 

We do have a Blues Monday.  It's just not a regular every Monday thing.  Kind of when everyone's schedules allow.  You're welcome to come.  I'll let you know when we have another one.  A few of us meet on Monday afternoon from 2:00 until when everyone can for an oldtime blues jam (i.e. Sonny Boy Williamson, Mississippi John Hurt, Robert Johnson, to name a few).  We have a lot of fun with it, and yes electric instruments are permitted at that jam. 

Thanks for your comments.



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