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Jeff Long
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Dennis got me to thinking about an idea last night at the Pickin' in the Village.  He mentioned some videos on YouTube by Turkey Creek - some oldtime standard fiddle tunes - and it got me thinking. . . why not put our favorite tunes right here on our website and add the chords so others can listen, play along, and learn the tunes at your convenience at home.  Then when you meet other members on Thursday night, you'll already be familiar with the tune and the chord changes and be ready to jump in the jam. 

   So, with that in mind, here's the first assignment.  I have a video here you can watch and play along with ' "Soldiers Joy".  I chose this because it was listed as the number one top-twenty tune in oldtime music. 

Check out the chord chart below and see if you can't follow it. 

I'll add others if you think this is helpful and would like for any of the members to do the same.  Simply find a video you like, jot down the chord structure and enter it into the Forum. 

"Soldiers Joy"

4/4 Time.  I tried to keep this as simple as possible.  Each chord listed below gets one beat and this being a breakdown, their are 4 beats per measure.  Also very important - as with any oldtime fiddle tune, each part will repeat.  Play the A-Part twice and then go to the B-Part and play it twice. 







Of course feel free to use a capo and play out of C-position. 



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gayle/jerry heavner
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sounds great/ i know a little extra help goes along way for me.

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