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This is a topic that might best have been included in Etiquete. Being a new member (3yrs) I am a little concerned about who plays at the store. I have invited all the pickers I talk with to come by Thursday night and bring thier insturment. I am wondering if they are actualy welcome to play with us because they are non-members. I know if they attend after 2 meetings that we are required by our by-laws to invite them to join and I realise the significance of this invitation.  If they do not respond positively how rude should we be, after that.

Since this is a member's forum, maby it is a good place to discuss this as it keeps it off the public record and will surely enlighten those of us that are somewhat new. Please add your comments for the benifit of others. Thanks!


David Bullington


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Jimmy Anderson
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I am not, nor have ever been, an officer, so this is just a personal opinion. I think that an open jam is just that - an open jam. I don't think there should be any sort of pressure to do more than just come and make music. Hopefully someone that continues to come back will see the benefit of joining, as I did (and also to help support the growth) but by the same token I've always seen the jams as a place to get together and make music for the sake of making music - nothing more.

That being said, if I were new and didn't want to join (for my own personal reasons) and was made to feel not welcome because of it, you would most likely lose me forever. Now if the group feels that a non-paying regular is a bigger problem than not having that regular there at all, then so be it. I come for one reason and one reason only, and it's NOT because of the Society itself - it's because I enjoy making music and especially making music with others. One of the things I tell people when I invite them to come play and/or listen - "it's people making music for the sake of making music." If it becomes more than that and becomes too much of a "club" then I think we lose that.

Again - just another person's personal opinion. :)


Jimmy Anderson



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Jeff Long
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Thanks so much for posting to our forum.  This type of issue is exactly what the forum was created for, and you make some excellent points for discussion and I applaud you for it.  

In response to your concern about members vs. nonmembers and their being welcome or not,  we certainly want everyone - all pickers to feel welcome at our Thursday night Pickin, and no you do not have to be a member to partake of the jams.  We simply  want everyone to understand that Thursday night was created some 30 years ago as a sanctioned Plectral Society event for the sole purpose of preserving and promoting Oldtime String Musical .  That is the reason that all the Pickin' in the Village exists today - it's because of the foresight of a few oldtime music enthusiasts some 30 years ago.  It has gone through a great evolution over the years, but the one thread that has  remained constant  has been the preservation and promotion of Oldtime Music. 

   You see the purpose of the Plectral Society was to preserve and promote our oldtime musical heritage so that it might  be preserved for generations to come.   We do this by meeting in the Village each Thursday night, getting in our little circles, and sharing these oldtime tunes with one another - keeping with the oral tradition, and as a result the music is preserved and perpetuated for future generations. 

It's not that we don't want nonmembers to participate in our jams, but rather we want to encourage nonmembers to become members in order to learn more about the Plectral Society and their purpose in preserving oldtime music.  If their is no organization or leadership involved, then the music will in time become an eclectic mess with no purpose in mind. 

Please don't get me wrong - I love all forms of music and even participate in Blue Mondays right there in the Village at The Crossroads playing my electric guitar and belting out the blues.  I just don't do that on  Thursday night.  Thursday night is  reserved for Oldtime Music and the Plectral Society.  They started it all, they created the , and we should adhere to their purpose in my opinion. 

I'm all for any and all forms of music welcome in the Village - just please keep Thursday night reserved for the Plectral Society.  If some would like to play country or pop or rockabilly  or whatever - that's fine - just pick another night and start it up like we did with Blues Mondays.  I'm sure Clark would welcome it. 

 Yes,  we do want everyone to feel welcome, but at the same time please remember the purpose and goal of the Society - "to preserve and promote oldtime string music".  We want everyone to be aware of our purpose - that is the reason we want to encourage pickers to become members.  I would hope that the music would never become so watered down that we lose sight of our original  purpose. 

Keep pickin,




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Don & Monda Horne
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I try to make everyone welcome at our jams, members & non-members. I think if they visit with us a few times they will want to join the club. I sure don't want anyone to feel pressured to join. The free drinks & buffet discounts are a good reason to join. I consider it a pleasure & an honor to be a member of such a great organization.

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Jeff Long
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Me too Don.  Good point. 



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