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Lynn Bullman
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Hello all...  looks like there hasn't been any activity here in a long while...  but hey that's okay, I'll take a shot and post up anyway.  ;)

I'm 59, retired/disabled and living in the Five Points area (near Pinson...about halfway between Jackson/Henderson).  I'm a cancer survivor, and still have a few medical problems including some dog-gone worrisome arthritis...however, I've recently got BACK into playing (or trying to, lol) the guitar and singing after a 40 or so year break.  It's been hard to relearn everything I once knew, and then going beyond that and learning entirely new things, but I'm hammering away at it as best I can.  Yes...I love the old 'hillbilly' string music...  actually though, I love most every kind of music; Western/Texas Swing, Country, Rockabilly, Pop, Gospel, Folk... whatever.  If I can figure out how to play it, I'll give it a whirl.  You can check out a tiny bit of my bad playing/singing on my Face Book page:  Best of the West.  Either scroll down to find a few of my videos or look under the video's in the PHOTO section there.

Would dearly love some nice folk to practice with if you live nearby and have an interest.  I don't care what you play or how you play it, if you're friendly, love to play/sing, and enjoy drinking coffee and or talking over music and playing a bit...I'm game for it.  Give me a yell here or through my Face Book page.

I'd like to get going soon with the Society here, playing some with them...  but also I'd like to eventually get to a point where I could make a few rounds at some of the retirement/old folks homes and maybe do some music for those people too.  God has been good to me and I feel a need to somehow 'try' to return the favor.  I don't have a lot of money to give or donate...but I can try my best to pick and sing for them and hope they might enjoy it.  If you might be interested in that...well, give me a yell and let's talk about working something up.  I know older folk at those places would love and appreciate some friendly faces and good music.

Take care all.

Lynn  AKA Best of the West

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